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The Week of Eating In: Day 3

The Week of Eating In: Day 3

All that hard work yesterday paid off today, since we had mucho leftovers.  So it was pretty easy for me to prepare dinner in a relatively short amount of time.  And goodness, it was varied for leftovers!

Here’s what I ate:

Here we go.  Of course, the leftover Butternut Squash Barley Risotto from yesterday.  I also sautéd some shrimp in butter, olive oil and garlic last night, because I knew the kids would go gaga for it (they LOVE shrimp) and I wasn’t sure that they’d like the risotto.  Oh, and protein.  We had a lot of leftover shrimp, too.  I roasted a bunch of beets a few days ago– 2 bunches for $3.00 for organic beets at Whole Foods!–so I had a whole container of beets waiting to be eaten.  I also had leftover asparagus that I roasted, as usual, with olive oil, salt and pepper.  And then I tossed together some watermelon and blueberries for a quick fruit salad.

So, not too shabby for a leftover meal, right?

The kids got a little something different, but not much:

Same asparagus, same beets, same shrimp.  (They shouted, “SHRIMP!!!!” with delight.)  I gave them watermelon only because, well… because I was feeling lazy.  But I knew I was pushing it with two nights of the risotto, so I made them some pasta.  AND, you will all be delighted to hear, I used up some old pasta sitting in the pantry!  Yay!  It was a box of alphabet vegetable pasta, which I bought for some reason some time ago and I can’t remember when or why.  But the kids LOVE it.  There was a lot of “I found and ‘i’!”  and “I think there are numbers in here!  Look, this is a 5!”  And other general excitement and playfulness.  So, it was all good: we ate in, I used up something in the pantry, and the kids ate a well-balanced and linguistic meal.

Phew.  What will I cook tomorrow?  I haven’t thought about it yet, and that is a little scary.  I’m on it, people.  No worries.  Right?



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