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Spring Garden Explosion!

Spring Garden Explosion!

What a difference a week makes, especially in the spring.  When we left for vacation, the garden was just barely starting to bloom.  When we got back, I hardly recognized it!  Everything looks lush, healthy, and ready to burst.

My first major surprise was the peach tree that we planted last year.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take to start to fruit, but I didn’t really expect much this year.  Suddenly, that puny little tree (it’s still shorter than I am with only a few branches!) is full of leaves and, no joke, must have at least 50 little peach buds on it.  I can’t imagine it will be able to carry the weight of all that fruit, and I suppose it will probably drop a bunch of those buds.  But is it possible I have peach jam in my future this season???

at least 5 peach buds in the foreground and more in the background

The pea plants are kind of enormous, and they finally have little pea pods on them.  I’ve never grown peas before, so I’m anxiously awaiting my first crop.  I have visions of picking juicy pods off the vines, popping them open, and eating the sweet, sweet peas right out of the shell.  All with the two little boys in tow, too.  So for now, I’m delighted that the pea bushes are blooming and that some of these blooms have turned into pods.

The climbing roses have gone nutso, too.

I wish there were something I could do to extend the life of these blooms, because they are incredibly beautiful, and so abundant!  But alas, they are usually quite short-lived.

Now, the blueberry bushes also have actually berries instead of just blossoms.

We were up in the mountains for a day and a night this week, after arriving home from vacation.  There’s still snow on the ground there, which was quite a change from all my flowering and fruiting plants here, but the wildlife was all over the place.  Gorgeous.

a jay out on the deck, helping himself to a peanut

So that’s what’s going on in the garden here.  Have you noticed any springtime changes in your landscape?



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