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Five on Friday: 5 Favorite Craft Sites

If you are crafty, and even if you aren’t, you might enjoy looking at some of the amazing things that show up on my favorite craft sites. These are places I visit every day.


Where else are you going to get your Jello Origami tutorials?!  This site updates many times a day, and they always point you to the coolest crafts on the web.

2.  Geek Crafts

Did I mention I’m also a geek? This site delivers on what it promises. It’s a little heavy on the DIY Tardises, but there are also some really, really fun and creative crafts.

3.  Iron Craft

Iron Craft began last year.  Started by Kathy & Susi at Just Crafty Enough, Iron Craft challenges its “members” with a new project every two weeks (last year it was every week, and everyone got a tad overwhelmed).  I participated last year up until I couldn’t keep up with all the challenges.  I hope to do more of them this year.  It’s super fun to see the round ups of everything other crafters have done, too.

4.  Curbly

Curbly is a self-described “DIY design community.”  Like CRAFT, they show you amazing projects and keep up with what’s new in the crafting world.  As a bonus, there isn’t much overlap with CRAFT.

5.  I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar

If you’ve never been to Cheri’s site, you are missing out.  It’s by far the best one-woman crafting show on the web.  I’ve always wanted to be the next Martha Stewart, but Cheri really comes the closest.  She posts every day, faithfully, and she makes some of the most amazing projects.  I have no idea how she comes up with so many ideas.  And, to boot, she was just on Martha Stewart’s show this week… the show hasn’t aired, but you can see a shot from the taping on Cheri’s site.  She is my blogging and crafting hero.

Do you have a favorite crafty site?  Besides mine, of course.  Let me know in the comments!  I’m always looking for new inspirations.



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  • January 21, 2012, 8:33 pm Holly

    Cool sites! I hadn’t heard of any of those. My favorites are oneprettything.com and whipup.net.
    MadeByJoel.com is pretty fun, too. And yours, of course!

  • June 24, 2012, 12:30 am Jenn

    I am Momma, hear me roar is gearing up to be one of my new favourites! Thank you! I really love Sheree’s blog, seaweedandraine.com