Candles and candleholders, they go together like… candles and candleholders, don’t they?

Both of these projects were fairly easy with very few glitches. Although of course I mixed it up a bit from Martha’s original instructions.

Here, she does call for using the spray adhesive, thank goodness. I suppose the candle will have trouble burning with gluey wicks, since the instructions tell you to tape the wicks before spraying. But I also felt like I didn’t want the tops of the candles to be glittered, too; seems like that’s a recipe for burning glitter smell and a mess of puddling wax and glitter. So I covered the entire top of the candle with a piece of contact paper cut to size. Only the sides of my candle got the glitter treatment.


About 10 minutes


Easy Peasy


  • 3 pack of candles, $8.99
  • Martha Stewart fine glitter, $4.99 (1 bottle)
  • glittering glue, $3.99

Here’s a case where you could get some candles for cheap and dress them up with glitter. These I bought at Michaels, but I probably should’ve tried Ross. I also used just one bottle of glitter instead of the multiples from the big pack.

Total cost = $17.97


This is the first glittering project where I’m going to give a half-hearted “yes.” It’s easy, relatively cheap, and you can do it in no time. If you like glitter.

Now, moving onto the candleholders. For this craft, you take two perfectly good brioche pans and glue them together at the bottoms and then glitter the bejesus out of them. I was a little bitter because brioche pans are expensive, yo!

I bought a brand new pack of 6 “made in France” tiny brioche pans at Williams Sonoma for $15. And since I figured I might want to actually use these for, I don’t know, BRIOCHE, I only made one candleholder. That required two pans, so I’m left with four for cooking. (I told you I’m good at math, right?)

I bought the smallest ones since they were the cheapest, but you can really do this craft with any size pan, depending on what kind of candle monstrosity you might be trying to accomodate.

Hot glue those puppies together, THEN paint them with two coats of white acrylic paint (you knew there had to be an extra superfluous step, right?), then glitter.

Ta da. Look, I put one of the pear candles I made way back when in there, since I didn’t have any small enough pillars or anything appropriate.

A few caveats and tips, here.

First, I found it easier to glitter the top and then the bottom. That is, I painted on the glue on the top and added the glitter, and then I painted the bottom and glittered it. It seemed easier than hurrying before the glue dried too much on the whole piece.

Second, I did not glitter the insides of the pans, as Martha did, because again, why? I thought the reflective surface of the metal tin on the inside might actually be more appropriate.

Finally, make sure you really get the glue inside the cracks on these pans. Sometimes you think it’s covered in glue, and then the glitter doesn’t stick in any of the crevices because there’s no glue in there. It’s hard to tell if you’ve gotten it covered.


About 30 minutes active time, plus paint drying time (several hours)




  • glittering glue, $3.99
  • Martha Stewart craft paint, $2.29
  • Martha Stewart fine glitter, $4.99 (1 bottle)
  • brioche pans, $15.00 (these will make 3 small holders)

Total cost = $26.27


I can think of a lot of better things to do with brioche pans. I vote NO.

I’m gathering the last three glittering projects into one final glittering post, and then we can move on to jewelry making.



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  • February 1, 2012, 4:41 pm Eva

    omg with the glittuh!

    The candle looks fabulous, but I’m baffled by the candleholder. If your brioche pans are even slightly off-kilter, the whole thing goes wonky. And glittering the insides doesn’t make sense. If you get candle wax in there, it will look horrible on the glitter — and removing the wax will remove the glitter too.

    Very excited for jewelry making!

  • February 2, 2012, 8:51 am BWBecky

    I’d rather eat brioche! Excited about jewelry making, too!

  • February 2, 2012, 9:34 am molly

    I have to agree, probably not worth it…but I hoping jewelry will be!

  • February 2, 2012, 12:01 pm Kathy

    There’s a part of me that kind of likes glitter, but I’ve always leaned in the direction of using it — sparingly — only in paper crafts. I still kind of think that, but I like the candle here enough to reconsider a bit. But those poor brioche pans! Only Martha would see one and think: ah, yes, I have 80 of those lying around, so let’s glitter them. Sigh.

    Looking forward to the “one final glittering post” — but dahling, all of your posts are glittering!