This is by far the easiest of the jewelry projects. Super fast and simple. Here’s what you get:

I chose a cute little pinecone and a key charm for these two bracelets. It’s a different take on the charm bracelet, with just one charm on a bangle instead of a chain. They look cute here, but there are a few problems.

First, since there’s so much space for the charm to float around in, gravity is the biggest factor in where the charm falls. And that’s usually on the underside of your wrist. What’s fun about that?

The second problem may be unique to me. I looked everywhere for bangle bracelets, and every single one I found was too small to fit over my hand. I mean, whut? I will admit I have big hands, but not freakishly big; like, if you met me, I don’t think you’d whisper to your friend, “Oh, my GAH did you see her HANDS?” They aren’t like man-hands or anything.

But not one of the bangles I found would go over that section with my thumb joint. I even went online, it and looks like 2 1/2″ diameter is pretty standard for a bangle. And I really need a 3″ margin to avoid being permanently shackled by a bracelet.

My solution was that I bought bangles that opened at Michaels. You can kind of see the hook in the top of this photo:

So there’s that.


About 45 seconds per bracelet, I think.


Super easy


  • charms, $5.55 and $2.35 each = $7.90
  • bangles, $3.99

Total cost = $11.89 (for two)


Well, it was certainly easy, and it’s a simple way to make a custom bracelet. But I don’t think the one charm on a bangle idea is that practical. So my final assessment will be no.




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