chainearrings7I am not kidding with that title! You can make these cute chain earrings in less than 5 minutes. Check it out!

chainearring1You’ll need:

  1. wire cutters
  2. jewelry pliers
  3. 2 ear wires with loops
  4. 2 jump rings
  5. 12″ chain of your choice

To start, measure how long you want your chain to fall. For these earrings, since they are simple, it’s nice to have them dangling almost to your shoulder. You could go even longer if you are super crazy.

Cut your chain into 2 pieces that are the length that you desire.

chainearring3Open a jump ring and slip the chain on, and then slip the earring wire on.

chainearring5Close your jump ring. Repeat with the other earring. Guess what? YOU’RE DONE.


Isn’t that crazy easy? And the options for changing it up are endless. Try using different kinds of chains, like this larger, oval chain:

chainearring11Or try two or more chains together, like this:


chainearring10I’ve already made 4 pairs for myself. In less than 20 minutes!



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  • August 28, 2013, 3:19 pm Jerah

    Very nice.i really loved it.