A Beginner’s Guide to Vine

Hey, readers, are you on Vine yet?

If you aren’t even sure what I’m talking about, Vine is a new service that allows you to post only 6 second videos. Not surprisingly, it is now owned by Twitter. Now, I’m not usually that much of an early-adopter, and I’m definitely not all that involved on Twitter. But I have to tell you I’m pretty excited about Vine.

Vine is an app that is currently only available on iOS devices. I would have to believe that’s going to change soon. Here’s what I’ve gleaned in my short relationship with Vine.

Vine interface

The interface is very similar to Instagram; you get a scrolling feed of your followers’ 6-second videos (as well as the “Editor’s Picks,” and it’s unclear right now how or if you can eliminate these videos from your stream). You can sign up by linking your Twitter account or by using your email. Once you’ve created your account, you can edit your profile. Unlike Twitter, there don’t appear to be unique “handles” that you use for your name; you can simply edit it to say whatever you want.

Vine profile

So, as you can see, you can find me on Vine as “Remarkably Domestic.”

You can search for people to follow through your address book, your Twitter feed, or by name.

Vine followers

You can also search for videos, either with keywords (and yes, Vine is also using hashtags like the rest of the universe) or by category. I assume these categories will be fluid, or perhaps they are simply the most popular hashtags, but I don’t expect New York Fashion Week to be up there all year.

Vine explore categories

To add your own video, you can only shoot from the Vine app; that is, you can’t create a cool 6-second video in iMovie, say, and then upload it to your Vine stream.

“Editing” video is simple in that the device only records when your finger is on the screen. So you can stop and start your short “film” as many times as you can tap your finger during the 6 second window. That means that stop motion is doable, as well as crude editing. I characterize it as crude simply because you must “edit” in the order in which your clips will appear; that is, it’s not really editing as much as it is stringing together a bunch of little clips.

In order to share your videos beyond Vine, you can share through the app with Facebook and Twitter, and your videos are automatically saved to your camera roll (just like Instagram). To share beyond that, you need to get the unique URL from your Twitter feed in order to re-post your videos.

Here are my first two video trials:

In spite of these editing limitations, people are doing amazing things with this little app.

I think my hopes for Vine stem from its innate visuality. Twitter is all fine and good, but it seems to me that things are becoming more and more visually-oriented on the web, with Vine being a logical outgrowth of this trend and the trend towards brevity.

So, are you up on Vine? Are you ready to get started? Just watch out for the porn.


new years

The 9 year old wrote these resolutions for 2011. Apparently he fell behind on planting trees.

I pretty much always make at least a few New Year’s resolutions, and for the most part, like everyone else, they fade away. The only variation is the speed with which they disappear. So this year, I came up with a new idea that I’m hoping will help me make some changes.

Monthly resolutions!

I’m going to choose a few goals to try to stick to for just the month. Then, at the end of said month, I’ll reassess, decide whether I should continue with those goals and/or add new ones. I figure, it’s much easier to stick with a goal for one month, and then once I have, hopefully a glimmer of a habit will have been formed, and continuing will be easier. And, if at the end of the month I’ve had trouble, then I can revise the goals without feeling like a failure. If I said I’d walk 5 times a week and I only manage 3, then I can make the next month’s goal to walk 3 times a week, without feeling like a failure.

Now, we’re already well into January, but I’m still picking up a few goals for this month, which will give me an even shorter trial period to see how this works. But I’m optimistic.

So, here are my goals for January:

  • blog at least 3 times a week
  • log my meals at My Fitness Pal every day
  • practice guitar 3 times a week

See, I got a new guitar for Christmas, and I need to start learning.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I’ll keep you posted on how these go, and what my new goals are come February. Although you’ll be able to monitor my first goal pretty easily yourself!

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It’s Brand-Spankin’ New!


I finally finished as much coding as I can handle, and my new design is live. Tell me you all love it. NOW.

Now I can get back to posting content. This re-design was a doozy, since I did it all myself and I have no background in web design or coding. But I took two online courses that really helped: Your Darling Blog from Jo Klima at The Darling Tree, and The Girl’s Guide to Web Design by Amanda Aitken Verrall of Better Than Chocolate Web Design. With the design lessons from Jo and the coding lessons from Amanda, I managed to re-design, move to a new customizable theme, and code everything. With much help from the support forums, but I did it!

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who helped me through the coding part… I was asking questions constantly and they always got back to me promptly and with great information.They are the best!

Thanks for being patient while I worked through this whole process. If you do find any hiccups, links that don’t work, alignment mistakes, yadda yadda, please let me know in the comments. I don’t have a quality control department over here.

Onward, soldiers!


Beauty Picks Fall 2012

I’m a bit new to this whole beauty thing. I was never very skilled at applying makeup or even knowing about makeup, until recently my friend Eva introduced me to a whole new world of beauty. So I’ve been experimenting a lot lately, improving my skillz and trying out new stuff.

I thought I’d share with you some of my recent faves as well as I few I hope to acquire.



1. Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Starter Kit. I’m a big fan of gel manicures. I get them often, and they are kind of pricey, so I’ve been waiting for something to come on the market so I can achieve the same results at home. There have been some products, but they were all in the $150 – $200 price range, which was out of my league. But then suddenly, I saw the new Sally Hansen one at Target, and it was only $65. Still pricey, but when I pay $45 including tip to get a salon gel mani, with two uses I’ll already be ahead. And guess what? I’ve already recouped my cost! I’ve used it twice, and I really love it. I might do a more detailed post on it to give you the nitty gritties, but it works great, it’s easy to use, and it’s just like the mani I get at the salon. Only caveat is you have to be able to paint your nails pretty cleanly, but that just takes practice. Check out my handiwork (pun intended!) from last night, while I watched Revolution:

Not too shabby. I’m really looking forward to acquiring more colors and using this puppy a lot.

2. Too Faced Better than False Lashes Mascara. Wow, they are not kidding. This “system” really is about as good as false lashes, as long as you are going for the natural look. In fact, when I use it I even have to be careful not to make them so long they look weird. It’s kind of an odd process; first, you put on the mascara, then, you put on a coat of these “fibers,” which really is like a mascara wand dipped in a cotton ball. It’s bizarre. Then, you coat again with the mascara. But it really works. Here’s my main problem, though: I seem to sometimes get some fibers in my eye, and I can’t get them out. This is totally not scientifically proven; usually it’s later in the day that I feel like I have something in my eye, and then I think, “oh yeah, I was wearing that mascara…”. I’ll keep you posted on this one. Have any of you used it? Have you had a problem with the fibers in your eyes?

3. Lancome Color Design Eyeshadow in Kitten Heel. (Image above by Temptalia.) I bought this eyeshadow when I saw that rose gold was getting popular. I love rose gold in jewelry, so I thought I’d try it. It’s a great color; I’ve been using it with some other gold-inflected shadows and I love the way it turns out.

4. Guerlain Terracotta Gloss and Shine in Porto Azzurro. Ooooh, I want this gloss! When I first saw it, I was intrigued by the bold color, but when I discovered it goes on kind of sheer, I really wanted to try it. I just haven’t been able to locate it yet. I’m on the hunt!

5. Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette Holiday Edition, 09 Odyssey. This palette is a limited edition holiday offering from Clarins. I love the colors and really want to try it out.

6. Givenchy Gelee D’Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine in Enchanting Silver. I went to get this new color for the holiday at Sephora, and while they have it on the site, it’s not in the store. Why the face, Sephora? The lovely ladies there told me that the new products don’t make it to the store for 3 – 4 weeks after they show up online. Well, that does me no good, because what if this color sucks? I don’t want to order it sight unseen; I want to try it on. Get that fixed, Sephora, will ya? But anyway, I really want to try out this gloss.

So those are my beauty obsessions this fall. What are yours? Anything good I’m missing?