Craft Area Tour

I can’t really call it a craft room tour, since I don’t have my own room dedicated to crafting. Someday!

After I showed you my new cutting/sewing table set up, I mentioned I’d give you the rest of the tour. So here goes.

craft area

This is a kind of overview of about 2/3 of the space. You see my new addition on the right, which is, of course, flanked by cat beds. That large pillowy one used to be a dog bed, but the cat totally appropriated it. So I got the dog a bigger new one and let the cats go crazy with that one. Sometimes they like to snuggle in it.

craft room cats

To the left of the window, you’ll find my homemade necklace/jewelry holder (tutorial here!) and the built-in shelves, almost all of which I’ve taken over with craft stuff.

craft room 2

On these shelves I have all my craft books (they’re really starting to become a whole library!), jewelry making supplies (on the shelf below the books), and a filing cabinet that has my files in one drawer and then another drawer filled with paper, stickers, etc. I also have a bazillion photos to scrapbook, or do something with, and a plastic set of drawers that holds stamps and other miscellaneous things.

What you can’t really see in the initial photo is what is to the right of everything else, which is this wall with a fireplace and my desk.

craft room 3

I used to sew at that desk, hauling the machine up and down whenever I wanted to use it. I’ve got the printer on top of the desk, and on the mantel of the fireplace I keep my Silhouette and some small file holders. See that jumbled mess all the way to the right? That’s all the kids’ artwork I’m trying to corral. On top of the thin rolling plastic drawers, I have all my new calligraphy supplies… calligraphy is my latest obsession.

I love this desk because it folds down. Here’s what it looks like when I’m working:

craft room 4

I’m just kidding! It NEVER looks that neat.

Now, come, look inside my drawers…

craft room 5

Ok, well, this isn’t a drawer, it’s just the cupboard in the desk. But that’s where I keep extra sewing supplies, cutting boards and paper cutters, my new Bind-It-All (LOVE!), and other miscellaneous things that don’t fit anywhere else.

In the middle drawer of the desk you’ll find punches,

craft room 6

and in the other drawers I have paper and stationery. In the plastic drawers on the built-in shelving you’ll find stamps and ink pads,

craft room 7

a drawer of cool yarns for which I only have one skein, and a drawer of total miscellany:

craft room 8

I’m not even sure what’s in there at this point. And I just reorganized it.

I thought you might want to see my main craft books up close, so here you go:


I need to start making more things from these books!

So that’s the place where it all happens. Mostly. I have a whole other studio in the garage, but that’s a completely different story.



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