Wrapped Paracord BraceletI’ve got an incredibly simple tutorial for you today for an easily customized, fun bracelet you can make with paracord and knotting cord. Come check it out!

Here’s what you’ll need:

wrap cord supplies

  1. 1 yard of micro thickness (.5 mm) Chinese knotting cord, in a color of your choice. I used a fun multi-color one called Fluorescent Mix that you can purchase here.
  2. 16″ paracord, in a color of your choice
  3. button
  4. binder clip (optional)

To start, fold your paracord in half. Measure the loop formed by the paracord with your button to make sure that the button can slip through the loop. You will begin wrapping at a point that makes the loop a good size for your button.

Take the knotting cord and place the end of it parallel to the paracords. Begin wrapping it tightly around the paracord, catching the tail that you laid parallel underneath.

wrapcord1Keep wrapping until you’ve got about an inch of wrapping, so you are certain that the tail of the cord is secure.

wrapcord2Cut the tail off as close to the wrapping as possible.

wrapcord3Wrap a few more loops to hide the end of the cord.

wrapcord4Now you will start wrapping in whatever pattern you choose. The easiest wrap is to space each turn out about 1/4″.

wrapcord5Keep the wrapping tight and evenly spaced. If you are having trouble with your dangling cords (and who doesn’t, really?), you can secure them together with a binder clip so they don’t flop around.

wrapcord6Wrap until your bracelet is just about the desired length, and then begin wrapping each round flush to the next, like you did at the beginning.

wrapcord7Once you’ve got about a half inch of flush wrapping, you will add your button. Feed the cord up through one of the holes and back down, and wrap around the cords again. (If you have a button with a shank, simply feed the cord through the shank.)

wrapcord8Do the same for the other button holes, if you have them. Then continue wrapping around the paracords and tie off the knotting cord a few times.


And you’re done!





You can make different patterns depending on what cord or cords you use, and how you wrap them. I did one with lime cord that I wrapped in a 1 – 3 – 5 rounds pattern, and I did one with 3 different cords in an ombre pattern.

wrapcord12It’s so easy you can finish a bracelet in about 10 minutes. So you can make a bunch and have an arm party!

Hope you enjoy!


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