Fox Valentine

The 7 year old and I kind of decided together that this year, the valentines would be Ylvis-themed.

There are lots of “What Does the Fox Say” valentines on Pinterest, and they’re very cute. But most of them say, “What does the fox say? Happy Valentine’s Day!”

People, the fox does NOT SAY happy Valentine’s Day. He says “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!” and “Fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow!” and “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!” Amiright?

I mean, the whole joke lies in the crazy sounds that the Norwegian duo came up with for the fox. So, you kinda gotta keep that in there.

I made my own printable that makes sure the joke is still conveyed. And if you like it and want to use it, you can download the PDF right here!


To make these valentines, you’ll need a fox cookie cutter, and I was so happy to discover that you can get them in a set of woodland animal pastry cutters at IKEA. You can also order them from Amazonif you don’t have an IKEA around you. And bonus, you also get a moose cookie cutter and what I think might be a snail?

So, bake your cookies. I used this recipe, but you could pretty much use any sugar cookie recipe if you have a favorite. The key to making sure your foxes turn out right is to make sure the cookies are very chilled when you stick them in the oven. Roll the dough out chilled, and I even recommend putting the cookie sheet with the cut-out cookies back in the fridge for 30 minutes or so before you bake them. Then you won’t get too much spreading.

foxvalentine1You’ll need some treat bags that fit your cookies; I bought some like these that work perfectly. I made a PDF sheet of labels that, again, you can get here; it has 4 labels, each one with a different fox “sound.” Print out a page on cardstock and then cut them along the light gray solid lines. For each label, you will fold them in half along the light gray dotted line. I left a space at the bottom where you can have you child sign the valentine.

Put a cookie in a bag, fold down the top, and slide the fold into the label. Staple on either side to secure them.

foxvalentine4And then have a fabulous Valentine’s Day! Coming up next are the 10 year old’s valentines, so stay tuned!



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  • February 5, 2014, 6:00 am Kathy

    These are too funny! I love them (though I would also love the moose, especially if it meant that someone loved me enormoosely). Leaving the fox sounds off of the valentines would indeed have been criminal, and these are perfect — and look perfectly tasty!

    • February 5, 2014, 11:15 am Beth

      Thanks, Kathy! There’s even a hedgehog cutter in the set!