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A New Year’s Manifesto

A New Year’s Manifesto

Happy New Year!

I recently had a good giggle at the template that’s going around for writing a manifesto.  I decided to write one of my own, following the template, instead of resolutions this year.  So, here goes:

Today, we will rededicate ourselves to our blogs.

Today, we search for new, interesting, and compelling blog content.

We will find it.

Blog it.

And when we find it we will craft it and bake it and cook it and upcycle it and photograph it and sew it and parent it and then,



Blog it.

We will offer to you new ideas, thrifty ideas, crafty ideas that will be

Beyond the everyday.

Beyond the average.

Beyond the pale.

And we will do all of this in the name of originality in homekeeping and our lives, hoping to build something beautiful and personal, idiosyncratic and inspiring, something with which to better our lives both aesthetically and practically.


It’s actually much funnier when you read the template:

(Via Graph Jam)

Do you have a manifesto for 2012?  How ’bout just some new year’s resolutions?



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