SYTYC Update!

Hi peeps! It’s been a few since I’ve let you know what’s going on over at SYTYC; end of the school year and all that. Here’s the latest!

For the paint project, I was craft #7, the painted polish bracelets.

paint1I took some large chain and painted it with nail polish to create these bracelets. I think I came in 4th this week out of 9, which is not too shabby and comfortably in the middle of the pack.

This week the project was upcycling, and I went to Goodwill (POPPIN’ TAGS!) and found a jacket for $5.99 that I cut up and turned into this purse:

upcycle1I’m not a great seamstress so it was challenging for me, but you know, I like to stretch my crafty muscles, yadda yadda.

upcyclecollageThe funny part of this project was heading over to JoAnn fabric, where I got some blue linen fabric for the lining of the bag and some thread and the magnetic snaps. While I was standing in line, the older woman behind me said, “You look like you know a lot about sewing.” Really? Thread and some fabric? She proceeded to ask me about some sewing issue, and I responded with an educated guess. I happened to be holding the jacket, all folded up, in order to match it to the lining fabric, and she saw it and said, “Oooooh, this is pretty.” I told her it was just a jacket I’d gotten at Goodwill, and she then told me a whole story about how she had a pantsuit in almost the same fabric, and it was so beautiful, and PLEASE would I consider not cutting up that jacket, because it’s just too lovely! I felt a weird moment of guilt that I didn’t just hand over the jacket to her to make her sartorial life complete. Should I have given her my $5.99 Goodwill jacket? I dunno.

ANYHOO, this week I came in 5th out of 9, again, pretty safely in the middle of the pack. I guess I need to step up my crafting game if I’m going to inch my way to the top of the pack. Next week, the theme is Kids Can Do, so I’ll post when the link is up and you can head over there and see all the fun things these creative ladies have put together.

I have a bracelet tutorial for you all soon, so stay tuned!



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  • June 21, 2013, 12:15 pm Kathy

    Ack! I missed the upcycling one — I’ve been sidetracked by being overseas, but I’ll be home late next week and will be more reliable about voting.

  • July 19, 2013, 12:14 am Evie Winter

    Gosh, what a guilt trip! I’m glad you didn’t hand over the material, the jacket is lovely but not to practical – this material as a bag is just amazing and you can use it all the time. Love it!
    It’s kind of like keeping your ‘best china’ for special meals, and then never using it I guess? My mum taught us to take out the best china quite a lot :-)