I thought I’d pop in here with an update on the boys’ bathroom. We’ve decided, for now, to go the easiest and cheapest way. We’re keeping the princess tub, reglazing it, and adding a curved curtain rod that will provide an enclosure for the shower. It will be the easiest to do and the most flexible design, since we’ll still be able to use the tub as a tub.

The next boy issue is the 7 year old’s bedroom. Here are some photos that show the whole room. Can you see the major issue with this bedroom?




Remember that desk set up I did with Pottery Barn Kids?


Dog photobomb

So, did you catch it?

There’s no closet. I mean, the hell? This room has no closet! That’s why we purchased the dresser we did (see the first photo), that has a little cubby door thingy and a hanging bar so you can hang a few short things (thankfully, he’s not a girl with dresses). But as he gets older, it’s not enough.

So, what to do? Originally, when we were looking for big boy furniture for him, I was looking for an armoire. I didn’t find anything boyish enough, though, so that’s why we settled on the dresser. Now I’m thinking that soon, it will be time to figure out a solution as we’ll need some closet space.

Here are the ideas I’ve come up with. What do you think is the best idea?

  1. Get an armoire. The problem here is that I really can’t find anything great to go with what we’ve got, or even anything nice for boys. Pottery Barn Kids has only one choice, basically:armoireOr, the other option might be to build my own with plans from Ana White, but like, LORDY.armoire2That’s lovely, right? Would mine be that lovely? It is doubtful.
  2. Use the 10 year old’s closets. The 10 year old has closets galore, which just doesn’t make that much sense but like, whatevs. So we could designate an entire closet to the 7 year old, and he’d just have to go to his brother’s room when he needed something from in there. Doesn’t seem like the greatest solution, though.
  3. Build a closet. Obviously, this is the most labor-, time-, and money-intensive solution. And I’m not quite sure where we’d build it. It could be nice, though, with some chic modern sliding doors (we’d need sliding doors, I think, to save the space).
    slidingdoorsMaybe we could put a closet where the head of the bed currently fits, which would be directly next to the door? I think I’ve seen that before, when you enter a room and it’s kind of a little alcove until you step fully into the room. I dunno, this makes my head hurt.

So, what do you think? Any suggestions? Good sources for armoires? Maybe I can find something stunning at a resale place, but I’m terrible at finding gems.

Help me out, peeps. What to do?



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